Do You Integrate with my CRM? (Other)

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There are 3 ways we can link up with your CRM – going from lowest to highest in complexity / cost:

  1. Manual Data Export: With this method, information from the CRM is exported to a spreadsheet and then imported into Badger. You can put a link in Badger back into CRM. (This is free.)
  2. Automated, One-way Integration: This method automatically updates the information in Badger with the information from the CRM. This is one-way, so the information in the CRM is not automatically updated from Badger. (This is not expensive.)
  3. Bi-directional Integration: This method allows every change to instantly reflected in both Badger and the CRM. (The cost depends on the CRM, its customizations and the level of integration that you need.) Badger has connectors built for certain popular CRMs already, and has general purpose connectors in place. Badger does not charge our customers for these connectors that we have already built.

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