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When it comes to mapping out routes for your visits, it is a bit of a bind having to juggle your CRM with a map, trying to visualize where everyone is and to try and work out the best way to get between each location.  You may have a list of leads that you need to visit but how do you work out which one to do first, and in what order? You can’t do that just by pulling a list from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Instead, you need to use Badger Maps.

"I just landed a Pain Clinic that will probably be a $45k yearly account because I was using Badger. I have passed by this place a few times before and didn’t even know it was there."

Nick Eaton

Sales Rep, Ossur

Microsoft Dynamics integrates seamlessly with Badger Maps and gives you the edge over your competitors. No longer will you need to spend hours poring over maps. Now you can see your customers on a map and know exactly where they are located. Now you can easily add the ones you want to visit to a route map. Let Badger Maps optimize your route for you.


Manage your customer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

But, by integrating Badger Maps with Microsoft Dynamics CRM you also get the ability to manage your customer database in unique and innovative ways. We offer you a number of features designed to make life easy and interesting for you. Never before have your sales staff been so excited about their work. Never before have they been able to analyze data in such unique ways. You can even generate those all-important leads in just a few minutes when you integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Badger Maps. We can help you to cut your driving time by up to 20% every week and use that time to increase your visits by up to 25%.  Take us for a test today. See what you can do by integrating your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Badger Map. You have nothing to lose, so sign up for our free trial today. Dynamics CRM MapPoint

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