Connect Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Badger Maps

Does Badger Maps integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Yes, Badger Maps the #1 Route Planner for Field Sales Teams integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowing users to visualize all of their sales data on an interactive map and much more. Learn more about how to get Badger Maps integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Connect your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM  with Badger Maps. 

The Badger Maps’ two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics allows you to simultaneously create new accounts, update customer information, and more in your CRM and Badger Maps. 

Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Mapping and Routing

Increase CRM usage by 50%

Automatically update customer information in your CRM from the field

Steps to Connect Microsoft Dynamics and Badger Maps

  1. Speak with our CRM Specialist
  2. Badger’s Engineers connect with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  3. Use your Microsoft Dynamics CRM everywhere with Badger Maps

Get Started with a Custom Team Pilot

Speak with a CRM Specialist to see how Badger Maps helps boost your team's sales numbers and drives CRM adoption.

See How to Make Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile with Badger Maps

1. Visualize Customers

See all your customers and prospects on an interactive map. 

2. Prioritize your Territory

Filter by your top opportunities and get the shortest route.

3. Schedule Meetings

Create sales routes and schedule meetings based on a specific location. Focus on the right customers and get 2 more meetings each day.

4. Optimize Routes

Optimize your routes with 100+ stops and plan your daily meetings effortlessly.

5. Make Reporting Easy

Custom check-ins allow you to capture the details that close deals. Use activity reports to detail performance in the field.

See How your Sales Team can Sell More

With customized free team pilots, see for yourself how Badger helps boost your team's sales numbers and drive CRM adoption.

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