5 International Trips to Take Over Thanksgiving

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Take an International trip this Thanksgiving

Had a tough quarter? Why not forgo the stuffing and sweet potatoes for an Amazon river cruise? Or a visit to historic Easter Island? Here are 5 ways to travel this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is an ideal time to travel. People typically travel domestically during the holiday - making their way home for the family meal - so international flights are slightly cheaper, and less crowded.

It’s also a pre-set four day weekend. You can add an extra day or two on top and escape for a well-deserved detox before the Christmas holiday season starts.

If you’re itching to do something a little unconventional this Thanksgiving, here are 5 international destinations to consider:

1. Amazon River Cruise

Bid farewell to the winter chill and escape to the Amazon on a short river cruise. Meet local communities and keep an eye out for incredible wildlife. The Amazon is one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the world, and perfect for a mini-vacation full of surprises and awe inspiring sights

Tour Suggestion: Amazon Rainforest Adventure with Row Adventures!

2. Ecuador

A luxury stay in a hacienda is a perfect pre-holiday rejuvenation. Plenty of activities for blowing off steam can be found here, from horseback riding to mountain biking. There are also many opportunities to absorb and learn about the local culture.  

Tour Suggestion: Active Ecuador Short - Multisport Trip

3. Easter Island

Take a breather to learn about one of mankind’s most puzzling mysteries. The Easter Island statues have kept archaeologists and cultural anthropologists guessing for centuries. Located off the coast of Chile, traveling there is part of the experience. But you won’t regret it - the weather is beautiful this time of year!

Tour Suggestion: Easter Island with Intrepid Travel!

4. England

England’s lake district is one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Let your worries fade away as you cycle the English countryside, taking in views of lakes, villages, feeling the crisp early winter air. The best combination of leisure and activity.

Tour Suggestion: Walking in the Lake District and Scotland

4. Reykjavik

Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations around right now, so going off season is a great way to avoid the crowds. And if you’re traveling from New York, it’s only a 5 hour flight! Take in the vibrant city of Reykjavik, which is gaining a reputation for it’s food and bar scene. November is also a peak time for seeing the Northern lights!

Tour Suggestion: Reykjavik Short Break with Explore!

To make the most of your trip, check out Stride Travel where you can search among thousands of guided tours from hundreds of different operators.

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