Visualize your Data and Optimize your Planning with a Badger Maps & HubSpot CRM Integration

Badger Maps route planner enables a bi-directional, real-time integration in order to transform your HubSpot CRM and keep all of your data in sync on-the-go.

The integration between Badger Maps and HubSpot is a two-way connection that will allow automatic updates from your HubSpot CRM to your Badger Maps route planner app and vice versa, transforming it into a mobile CRM solution. The setup and functionality are customizable to assure it meets your goals.

Any of your HubSpot objects - Companies, Contacts and/or custom objects - and your HubSpot Engagements - meetings, calls, tasks, and notes - can be included in the integration. You decide which fields and information to include. 

Create, update, and delete records and activities from HubSpot or Badger Maps while you are in the field and see changes reflected in real-time across platforms.

Take advantage of a free pilot period and see for yourself how Badger helps boost the value of your HubSpot and increases your team’s productivity. Badger’s integration team will create the best set-up based on your data and team’s needs while your personal point of contact will ensure your team’s needs are met from start to finish. Badger Map’s team will onboard your team quickly and provide specialized training tailored to your use case.

The Badger integration for HubSpot brings your data alive and enhances your team’s productivity.

Here are ways companies have utilized this integration:

  • Build optimized routes to all your appointments and spend your time where it counts.
  • Colorize and Filter your HubSpot data on Badger’s Map to get more insight into your customers or leads and look at them in a new way.
  • Use Badger’s lead generation tool to find and store new prospects which are automatically populated back to HubSpot.

What you need to get started:

  • A HubSpot CRM account
  • A Badger Maps account

How to Set Up your HubSpot CRM & Badger Maps Integration

  1. Schedule a call to discuss your integration goals.
  2. Work with Badger’s integration team to set up an integration to the best fit for your team
  3. Log into your new Badger Maps account
  4. Complete the connection by inputting your HubSpot credentials
  5. Return to your Badger Maps app and hit the road!

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