Badger Technical Account Manager Program

Badger Technical Account Manager Program

Getting an organization started with a new piece of software, or getting help along the way can be a lot easier with help on demand. To help you maximize your return-on-investment and get the most value from Badger Maps, we offer our customers the Technical Account Manager (TAM) Service “By the Hour” for $80/hour.

The Technical Account Manager is your way to get expert advice and customization of your experience with the Badger Map - by the hour. With this service, you get a designated point of contact for personalized management of your deployment, all your technical support-related issues, and feature requests. A TAM can drive adoption and increase ROI for your Badger products by providing best practices, training, and implementation services to bring about better sales team performance.

“The functionality of software, support and value we’ve extracted is great.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

Your TAM has direct access to Badger's support, product, and engineering teams. This allows you to have a champion on the inside working on your behalf. The key benefits of a Badger TAM to are:

  • Customize your check ins, customize your fields, work on your imports, etc.
  • Coordination and guidance during your training and rollout of the application to the organization to 'de-risk' your deployment.
  • Weekly call to track change requests, bugs and fixes and reduce mean time to resolution.
  • Start to finish management and prioritization of your support issues and incidents.
  • Road-map discussions about upcoming changes being released in the Badger platform.
  • Quarterly Discussions with Badger engineering team to provide Input as to what features or capabilities you would like to see included in future releases. Schedule feedback conversations with product management on product direction.
  • Dedicated technical support with intimate knowledge of your technical environment and business objectives at the end of a phone.
  • Cooperation with your company to identify process improvements and best practices.
  • Access to the 'Trusted Tester' program.
  • Proactive recommendations and planning for software upgrades and releases.
  • Exclusive peer-to-peer events.

A TAM provides Sales Management Advice by analyzing your existing sales routing and planning activities. They also advise on best practices in terms of where you can train your sales team and encourage them to do better. A TAM proactively guide you through best practices in Sales team management that Badger enables. With a TAM, you can optimize team productivity through assessment of your sales team activities and compare your team’s practices with best practices that we see across the industry.

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