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When it comes to handling your territory, you need to ensure you are familiar with the geographic area. As a territory sales manager, it is a must that you know where your potential and actual customers are located. You also need to know how to effectively manage your team to attain more sales and find new leads. Thankfully, there is an all-in-one app that can help you lighten up your workload. Introducing the Badger Maps!


So what exactly is Badger Maps? It is a sales productivity app that helps users increase their income by 25% and decrease their driving time by 20%. Badger serves multiple functions, which include route optimization, CRM, and lead generation.

So how can Badger Maps help you as a territory sales manager? Badger serves as a CRM. You can gather new information and store details about your customers with the use of this excellent app. Badger also efficiently sorts out your clients’ information and presents them to you in a meaningful way.

“We’re using custom check-ins and we can filter all the activity in the field by types of calls. This gives us a ton of insight into what is going on in the field, and a lot of the issues that were going on in the field have gone away now that we have the ability to measure what they’re doing”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, NCR Aloha

Moreover, Badger plots your customers on the map. Know the exact location of your customers and obtain vital visual data on how to get to them the fastest way possible. Badger offers accurate turn by turn directions and live traffic updates.

Finally, Badger Maps helps you find new customers. By specifying the type of customers you are looking for, Badger can automatically search the map and provide you a list of new leads.

There are more to discuss regarding Badger. So give it a try today by signing up for a free trial.

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