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Are you looking for the best sales rep journey companion? Now, there are a lot of business tools out there from sales reps. The problem is that most of them only have a few features. So, you are left in using different devices or software just to meet all your business needs. Thankfully, there is now a multi-functional productivity sales app that will surely revolutionize the way you work. Introducing, the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the ultimate business tool that comes with different innovative built-in functionalities. This awesome app serves as a route optimizer, schedule manager, lead generator, CRM tool, and mapping software. With these features, you can only have one powerful app doing different things. No more switching from one device to another which is time-consuming, cumbersome, and tedious.

Download Badger Maps on your personal computer, Mac, and laptop and let it integrate with your existing CRM tool, spreadsheet, and calendar app. You can also install Badger on your mobile device so you can bring it anywhere you go. With this in mind, you can receive and send real-time updates about your clients anytime you want.

You can create time-stamped notes to track your daily activities. You also get weekly reports from Badger. Use the Colorize feature to systematically sort out your clients and quickly identify which of them need more attention. There are customizable filters as well that you can utilize to search for new clients.

So whatever it is that you need from a business tool, you can get it from the Badger Maps. There’s no doubt that Badger is the best sales rep journey software for you.

Badger Maps

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