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Manufacturer’s Rep

If you are a manufacturer’s rep, Badger Maps helps you create maps that make the most of your data. It lets you take business data from Excel spreadsheets or CRM software and transform it into visualisations, plotting any location that can be found in Google Maps.


If you’ve ever struggled with too many leads to nurture or so many customers to visit, you are very familiar with the main problem: getting to them in a way that makes the most efficient use of your most precious asset: your time.

But how can you achieve that, when all you have is a long list of names, addresses, and phone numbers? How do you organize, sort, and arrange all this data so you don’t waste your precious time driving from one contact to another? Is there a better, faster way to plan your route? As you very well know, figuring it out manually is slow and inefficient.

Fortunately, there’s a brilliant solution for such a problem, and it’s called Badger Maps. It uses advanced GIS technology to help companies map sales territories and customers so that manufacturer’s reps can get to them quicker and more efficiently. It helps you close more deals in less time. And since this is a numbers game, more efficiency would mean more productivity — and potentially more income.

Isn’t it time to use this brilliant solution to map your data so you can be both efficient and effective? Check out how quick and easy it is. Sign up for a free trial today!

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