Introducing Lasso Exports, Field Name Changes, Undo Import, and more

Summer is here! And so are some new features! We are constantly trying to improve Badger for you. These 3 features, can help you with planning routes and managing your customers even better.

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Manage Data More Easily

Export Lasso'd Accounts

We made it easier for you to export a specific selection of your accounts via our Lasso tool! Zoom in on the map OR use the Visualize-filter feature to isolate the accounts you want to export.

To do this, log into the web app here. Use the Lasso or Radius tool to select a group of accounts. Under “More”, you’ll see the option to “Export Accounts”. Once you click on this, you will receive an email with a link to the file containing the account details of the Lasso'd accounts.

Undo an Import

Imports can be tricky - so we’ve created a tool to help you with them.

Prior to every import, we now automatically capture a full backup of your data. So that if there is something wrong after the import OR it has messed something up, you can easily roll it back to the version before you hit the “Import” button

Just completed an import and want to roll it back? Is your data off after your import? Go to the settings and hit “Restore Last Backup” under “Import Accounts”. This will restore your account to what they were before your import.

Please note that if you have created/updated any accounts, check-ins, routes, or notes between the completed import and you hitting the “Restore Last Backup”, those changes will be lost.

Easy Editing

Edit Field Names

Strong data is represented with strong field names! You can now edit a field name in just 3 clicks!

To edit field names, log into the web app here, head to “Settings” and click on “Manage Fields”. Click on the grey pencil next to the field name you wish to edit. Make your changes and hit "Save". 

From here, you can also remove, add, and arrange fields.

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