Introducing Assigning Routes to Reps, Editable Check-ins, & More

As you grow as a salesperson, we know your needs change -- you may work with more team members, take on more customers, or take on new roles. That’s why we designed our most recent product updates to make growing and adjusting your business simple. 

Assigning Routes to Your Reps

If you use Badger Maps as part of a team, you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve made it easy for you to assign specific routes to yourself or your coworkers. 

Tired of sharing all your routes with all your coworkers? Simplify the process. As you name, date, and save a new route, our web app will also allow you to choose from a drop-down list of reps to whom you can assign the route. Assigning an individual to a route will ensure that no routes go undriven. Let us know if you’d like to activate this new feature for your team! 

Editable Check-ins 

In the past few months we’ve made several updates to our check-in feature, and this month we’ve continued to do so! Badger users can now edit past check-ins they’ve made, whether it be to correct a typo or to add new relevant information. 

The “History” tab under each account in Badger has always allowed reps to see their past interactions with clients, date these interactions, and follow up on them. 

Now, reps will also be able to edit the content of their check-ins. Just click the pencil icon next to your check-in and make any adjustments you need. Are you a part of a team and you’re interested in this feature? Let your Badger manager know!  

Exporting Check-ins by Email 

Have you ever wanted to export your check-ins, but didn’t have time to wait for it to download? Most salespeople have busy schedules, so to make the export process more efficient, we’ve programmed any reports with over 5,000 check-ins to be sent automatically to your email. Just hit ‘export.’ Your report will be in your inbox.

“Recent” Tab 

If you’re an active user, you may have found yourself wishing you could see all the accounts that you’ve recently viewed in Badger. To help you efficiently pull up accounts, we’ve created the Recent tab. Just toggle from “All” to “Recent” under Accounts and catch up right where you left off! 

“On Map” Tab

Along with the Recent tab, our engineers have created the “On map” tab. If you’re looking at a specific part of your territory and want to view only the accounts within that region, tap the On Map tab for a convenient list. 

We hope you enjoy these new features. If you have feedback for us, we’d love to hear it! Click here to let us know your thoughts. 

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