Introducing AI Routes, Better Exports, Follow-up Dates, and more

Here at Badger, we spend every moment thinking about how we can help you save time and sell more. Over the last quarter, we’ve released a few features to make route planning and customer relationship a little easier.

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Create Routes Faster with Add Location

You can now add locations to your current route straight from the Route tab. When you click on the “Add Location” button, you’ll see three options: Accounts, Quick Stops, and Suggestions.

  • Accounts: Search through your accounts list and add multiple accounts to your route at once.
  • Quick Stop: Have a quick stop to make but don’t want to add that location as an account? Add temporary locations through Quick Stop!
  • Suggestions: Time is money in sales. If you have gaps in your route, use Suggestions to let Badger’s AI suggest accounts for you to see.

Make planning your sales route the easiest part of your day. Create entire routes even faster without needing to switching tabs.

Reverse the Order Your Routes

Want to change the order you see accounts in? Reverse the order of your route!

To reverse your route, click on “More” then “Reverse Route”. Your start and end locations will stay the same but the order of the points on your route will be reversed. No more dragging your appointments into the opposite order manually!

Better Data, Better Insights

Export Check-In Reports with Account Details

We want you to get the best insights and most complete data when it comes to your check-ins. You can now export check-in reports with all of your Account Details, this includes each account’s:

  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Follow-Up Date
  • And ALL custom Account Details

To export your check-ins with Account Details, log into the web app here, head to “Reports” and click on “Export Check-ins with Account Details”. A download should start on your browser immediately.

We want you to easily understand where your team is making the biggest impact.

Export Accounts that Weren’t Mapped

(For Individual Users) After each import, you can now download a spreadsheet of the accounts that could not be mapped. This means that you no longer have to fix bad addresses in the Last Import Results page and can quickly fix addresses in Excel instead!

Getting these addresses in a spreadsheet should not be a painstaking process.

Never Miss a Follow-up

We know how important a good follow-up is. Accounts have a new core field called Follow-up Date.

You can now assign a follow-up date for any account and use the Visualize tab to:

  1. Colorize “Days Until Follow-Up” to see a heat map of your accounts to know who to follow-up needs a follow-up next.
  2. Filter “Days Until Follow-Up” as a numeric filter to see the accounts with the most urgent follow-up dates.

You can edit this field in the web app through Account Details, Create Account and Mass Update.

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