Introducing Bigger Routes, Pictures on Check-ins, & Follow-Ups

Badger Maps is constantly evolving to better suit the needs of field salespeople. 

We’re proud to present 3 new product features — Bigger Routes, Pictures on Check-ins, and Follow-ups — all developed to help you visit even more customers at the right time and capture crucial customer information.

Bigger Routes

One can never visit enough customers in a day.

We’ve increased the maximum number of stops users can plug in from 23 to 120. If you have a large territory, you can now seamlessly plot all of your customer locations and optimize longer routes with the tap of a button. 

By making bigger routes possible, Badger users can now plot all customer and prospect locations in a single optimized route, allowing them to spend less time planning and driving, and more time in meetings closing deals.

Pictures on Check-ins

A picture is worth a thousand words. With Pictures on Check-ins, now a picture can tell you the whole story of a customer interaction.

Log your meeting information visually by uploading pictures to your Check-ins, providing you with documentation proving products have reached their destinations, as well as ensuring your customer’s inventory is up to par.


Access Check-in pictures along with meeting information in the ‘History’ tab, and keep a better record of your customer interactions.


Following up with customers is crucial to strengthening your relationships, ensuring that they’re getting the most out of your product — along with providing an excellent opportunity to upsell.

With the new ‘Follow-ups’ feature, your upcoming follow-ups can be visualized on a map of your territory. 

Add your follow-ups to a route in order of customer prioritization, or create a Check-in. With just a few clicks you’ll be on top of your customer follow-ups, making sure you never miss a valuable opportunity. 

It’s just one more way that Badger makes your life easier, while saving you time and money. When our customers speak, Badger listens. 

We’d love to hear your questions and feedback. Send us an email to let us know your thoughts.

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