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“Badger Maps saves me time. It has taken my daily schedule planning from 30 minutes down to about 5. And I see more customers because I can fit short-notice meetings into open spots in my day. It has definitely made me more productive with less stress.”

Lara Thomas

Sales Rep

Eliminate Busy Work

Get lead generation on-the-go. Sales reps can meet new prospects and current customers in their area when there are unexpected schedule changes.

Close More Deals

Make pre-planning easy. With calendar integration and route planning, Badger makes it easy for sales reps to plan their schedule and their routes ahead so they can focus on selling.

Simple Interface

Stream better data to your CRM from field sales reps. With Badger Maps’ simple-to-use interface, sales reps can enter appointments, opportunities, and key customer details into the CRM on-the-fly.