How do I update my operating system?


  1. Click the “start” button. In the search box, type “update”. Click on “windows update”.
  2. Click “check for updates”. If there are updates, click the message and select which ones to install.
  3. Click “install updates”.

Android Tablet

  1. Back up your tablet first.
  2. When an update becomes available, there will be a pop-up screen. If the device is plugged in, click “restart and install”.
  3. To manually check for updates, navigate to the settings app. Choose “about tablet/device” or “general”. Click on “system/software update”. Then your device will be updated.

Android Phone

  1. Back up your phone first, to either Google servers or a computer.
  2. Navigate to settings. Scroll down and click “about tablet”, under “system”.
  3. Click “system/software updates”. Click “check now”. If there is an update available, it will occur here.
  4. Click “restart & install”.


  1. You should back up your computer first. This is done through time machine and usually requires an external hard drive.
  2. Click on the Apple Logo in the top left corner, then click on “About This Mac”.
  3. Under the “overview” tab at the top, it will give you information about your mac, such as the operating system you are currently on (“OS X El Capitan”, for example). It will also list information about your processor, memory, startup disk, graphics, and a serial number.
  4. At the bottom of this information, there is a button that says “Software Update”. Click this and follow the instructions to update your operating system. Your computer will restart during this process.
  5. Alternatively, you can navigate to the App store, either through Finder > Applications, or by clicking the Apple Logo, then clicking “App Store”.  If you need to install updates, there will be a grey/red/blue bubble to the right of the “App Store” icon and it would show you the number of updates your Mac is waiting to download/install. (Example “2” or "3" or so on).


  1. First, make sure to back up your device to either iCloud or your computer.  To back up through the cloud, go to Settings, then scroll down until you see “iCloud”, then scroll down to “back up”.  Click “on” and then press “iCloud back up” and it will proceed.  To back up to your computer, plug in your iPad and open iTunes.  Click on “back up now” and wait for it to sync and back up.  It will tell you when it is completed, and then it is safe to proceed with an update.
  2. Open your iPad, and navigate to the “settings” application.  
  3. Scroll down, and click on “General”.  If there is an update to be installed, there will be a grey bubble with a number in it.
  4. After you click on “general”, click on “software update”.  Again, if there is an update, there will be a grey bubble with a number.
  5. After clicking on “software update”, you will see the the software to be downloaded.  Click “install now” and follow the instructions.
  6. Your iPad will restart.

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