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    1. PC

      1. F1: Help
      2. ALT+F4: Quit program
      3. CTRL+C: Copy
      4. CTRL+X: Cut
      5. CTRL+V: Paste
      6. CTRL+Z: Undo
      7. Control Y: redo
      8. F5: Refreshes the current window
      9. Windows Logo+M: Minimize all
      10. Windows Logo+E: Windows Explorer
      11. Windows Logo+F: Find files or folders
      12. ENTER: Equivalent to clicking the selected button (the button with the outline)
      13. ESC: Equivalent to clicking the Cancel button
      14. Control Alt Delete: use to terminate task
    2. Android Tablet

      1. Switch between apps: click the “recent” icon at the bottom of the touchscreen, or long press the home button.
        1. Switch an app by choosing from the list.
        2. To dismiss the list, touch the back or home icon.
        3. To remove an app from the recents list, swipe left or right.
      2. To add a lock screen widget, touch the “plus” icon on the lock screen.  Add your chosen app, and swipe the screen to see others.
        1. To remove a lock screen widget, long press it and drag the widget to the remove icon.
    3. Android Phone

      1. Same as tablet
    4. Mac

      1. Command C: copies selected items
      2. Command V: pastes items from the clipboard
      3. Command X: cuts selected items
      4. Command Y: redoes the last action
      5. Command Delete: moves selected items to the trash
      6. Command ?: displays the Mac OS X help viewer
      7. Command Shift A: takes you to your applications folder
      8. Command Shift H: takes you to your home folder
      9. Command Option Space: opens the spotlight window
      10. Command Space: opens the spotlight menu
      11. Command Shift 4: screenshot
      12. Space: quick look
      13. Command Option Escape: force quit
    5. iPad

      1. Single click: home button
      2. Double click: multitasking
      3. Triple click: invert colours
      4. Zoom in/out: two fingers
      5. Slide down from top: today and notifications
      6. Slide down in middle: four recent apps and search
      7. Double touch: bring apps down (most recent update)
    6. iPhone

      1. Same as iPad

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