How to Print a Map in Badger (WebApp)

Because cell coverage is like swiss cheese over most of the world, we understand the need to have a printed version of your map or directions. You can easily export a printable version of your route with Badger.

1. Open the route you would like to have printed.

2. At the bottom of the route screen, click "More."

3. Then, click "Export to PDF" and a printable version of your route list and directions between locations will be exported.

In terms of printing the map, you can print whichever view of the map you would like. I recommend doing a screenshot and pasting it into powerpoint. Just switch to ‘Fullscreen’ mode by pressing F11 key for clean view. (You can press F11 key again to return to normal view.) Then Press ‘PrintScreen SysRq’ key, on upper right side of the keyboard. Then go to Powerpoint and paste the image - you can crop and change the size there.

Also, Clipular ( is a Chrome add-on that allows you to grab parts of your screen that is pretty slick - and it's free.

Here's a video that shows you how to print a map:

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