Do you integrate with Oracle CRM On Demand?

Oracle CRM On Demand is great for collecting and organizing customer data. Oracle stores and arranges your data to make your client relationships more manageable. When in the field, Badger can work with your Oracle CRM to map all the clients you want to visit.

Badger Maps is a sales app that can integrate with the Oracle CRM. Badger Maps brings the power of Oracle to your reps in the field. It gives your sales team a visualization of your CRM data – displaying customers and important info directly onto sales territory.

“Utilizing Badger to visualize CRM data in the field makes our CRM even more valuable.” Brandon Arsenault Director Sales Operations, Kerr

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Badger uses your data in Oracle to:

Visualize Customers

See your customers, leads, and opportunities by color. Use filters to see different types of customers or your last check-in dates. Completely customize filters and visualize what is important to your business.

Schedule Meetings

Oracle CRM On Demand is in the palm of your hands with Badger. Don’t worry about setting and keeping track of meetings when you’re on-the-go. Badger allows you to get the most of your data by scheduling your meetings from anywhere. See appointment times and locations at any moment in the Badger app. Sync your meetings with your calendar and set reminders to never miss a meeting again.

Optimize Routes

Use your Oracle Data and see what clients are closest to each other on Badger. Effortlessly schedule your routes based on proximity with the lasso tool. Optimize your routes to get to each meeting efficiently. Save time and spend less time driving when you optimize your routes with Badger.

Make Reporting Easy

Take notes in Badger to keep track of all your clients needs. In the field, make check-in reports to easily record any meeting details. Export check-ins for easy access to weekly reports. Everything you record in Badger syncs to your Oracle CRM for easy reporting.

Bring your Oracle CRM to the Field

Badger works across any device your sales reps want to use. Start a free trial at and download the app in the Android or Apple store.  Badger syncs between your computer and your mobile device, never lose data again.

Companies like Kerr, a Fortune 500 company in the Medical Device industry, uses Badger to connect with their CRM in the field. The impact of a visual CRM brought each Kerr rep 2 extra meetings per day. Learn more about Kerr’s success here.

“Seeing data in Badger while out in the field increases sales efficiency to the 10th power.” Ken Buck Regional Sales Manager, Kerr

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