Integrating Badger With An Outlook Calendar (Android)

Microsoft Outlook currently does not offer a direct integration with Badger; however, there is the ability to utilize Gmail as a Go-Between to accomplish this. First, you need to make sure that you’ve chosen your Gmail or Google calendar as your Badger Android app’s default calendar. Then, log in to your computer, and follow the steps below.

1. Go to My calendars on your Gmail Calendar, hover the cursor on your name until the 3-dot icon appears, and select Settings and sharing.

2. Then choose Integrate calendar, find Secret address in iCal format, and copy the link.

3. Open Outlook, select the calendar tab at the bottom left, and click File on the top left.

4. Click on Account Settings, and then choose the additional Account Settings option from the dropdown menu.

5. Look for Internet Calendars, click New, paste the link that you copied from your Gmail Calendar, and click Add.

6. Name the calendar, choose OK, then click Close.

7. On the left side, make sure to select the checkbox of the newly-added calendar. Then right-click, and select Overlay. This action will ensure that the newly-added calendar and its information are on your Outlook Calendar, and not showing as a separate calendar.

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