How to Use the Search Accounts Function (iPad)

Scrolling through your account list can be tedious. Good thing, Badger Maps has a Search Accounts function that lets you look up accounts using part of the account’s name, telephone number, and address. Continue reading to learn how to use that on the iPad app.

1. First, tap Accounts.

2. Then under All Accounts, type in the account name or just a part of it on the search bar. A list of accounts with the keyword/s that you used will be pulled up or the actual account if you used the complete account name.

3. To search using the telephone number, simply type it in on the search bar. Note that you should use the exact format like how it was saved in Badger.

4. Lastly, you can also look up using a part of the customer’s address.

It’s easy right? Go ahead and try this now. Happy selling!

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