How To Use The List View Feature (iPhone)

As you know, the Accounts tab shows a list of all the accounts that you saved in Badger. What if you just want a list of the accounts visible on your map? Good thing the Badger Maps iPhone app has a List View that lists down the accounts that are currently shown on your map. Continue reading to find out how it’s used.

1. Go to the main screen, and tap the List button found on top. Once done, the app will show you a list of the accounts that are currently visible on your map.

2. If you want to see more on the list, tap Map, then zoom out, and go back to List.

3. Do the same if you need to narrow down your list a bit, but zoom in on the map instead of zooming out.

That’s all! You just learned how to use the List View on the iPhone app. From this list, you can tap on any account and edit their details, add them to your route, calendar, enter a check-in, or navigate.

Have a nice day!

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