How to Search for Leads and Save Search (Android)

   1. Log in to Badger Maps on your Android phone and select the "Places" menu at the top of your screen.1

2. On the search field, type the industry/type of businesses you want to look for.


3. Click on the white 'X' at the top right of your screen and the map will appear. On the map, you will see multiple blue icons all over your map.  These blue icons represent potential customers/leads for the specific industry/type of businesses you are interested in. You can click those dots and see their details, add them to your account list or add them to your route.                                 3

4. To save this search, go back to the "Places" menu and click on "Save search" below the search field. This new saved search will appear at the bottom of the list (below the search field).


 For some more advice on finding qualified leads, check out this blog post!

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