How to Mass Update Accounts (iPad)

Account management is very important for field sales. Good thing, Badger Maps’ iPad app allows you to update multiple accounts at once even if you’re on the field. Here’s how.

1. Go to Lasso, and tap Select.

2. Draw around the account pins that you wish to update, and tap the Mass Update button at the bottom.

3. Choose which field you want to update. In this example, let’s change the Priority of these accounts to High. Tap the Priority field to start.

4. Then choose High from the Select Option field.

Note: You can also tap on Create New if the filter that you’re about to update the accounts to isn’t part of the existing filters.

5. After selecting, tap the Update Accounts button.

6. A Success message will appear to confirm the changes you’ve made.

Easy-peasy, right? Try this now.

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