How To Export Accounts or Contacts

Badger Maps has an awesome feature that allows you to download a list of your accounts. This function lets you get a copy of your entire account list or just a portion of it based on a category or area on the map.

Export Complete Account List

If you have to have a copy of your entire list, here’s what you have to do.

1. Go to Reports, select Accounts, and click Export Accounts.
2. A notification below the Export Accounts bar will be shown to let you know that your account list was already sent to your email. The list is downloadable within an hour after it was sent.

Export a Particular List or Group of Accounts

You also have the option to only download a specific group of accounts,  and there are two ways to narrow down your list.

1. By using filters under the Visualize feature

In this example, let’s say you want to export your Primary Care accounts under the Specialty field.

a. Go to Visualize, and click Filters.
b. Toggle off everything under the Specialty Filter except Primary Care.
c. Then, go to Tools, click Lasso, and draw around the pins.
d. After that, click More, and select Export Accounts.
e. A message will pop up to let you know the selected accounts are exported. Then, another notification will be shown to confirm that it’s sent to your email address. Download the file within an hour after receiving the link.

2. By selecting an area on the map

a. Click Tools, go to Lasso, and draw around the pins on the area where you want to export from.
b. Hit More, and choose Export Accounts.
c. A pop-up will tell you that the selected accounts are being exported. Another notification will be shown to confirm that the export is already sent to your email address. You can download the file from there within an hour after it was sent.

That’s all! Simple right? Go ahead and try exporting your accounts.

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