How To Create Badger Maps Shortcut On Your Desktop

As of now, Badger Maps can’t be installed on your desktop. If you’d like to use the app on your computer, you’d need to access it through our website. But what if you want a quick access to it on your desktop? What you can do is to create a shortcut. Continue reading to find out how it’s done.


1. Open up your Chrome browser, and go to

2. Then, click the three-dot icon at the right corner of the screen beside the URL bar.

3. Next, look for More tools, and click Create Shortcut.

4. Enter a name for the shortcut (Badger Maps), tick the Open Window box, and then click Create.

5. After that, you’ll see the Badger Maps shortcut on your desktop.


1. Open up your Safari web browser, and resize it so you can see your desktop.

2. Then, go to

3. Highlight the URL in the address bar, and drag the URL to the desktop to create a shortcut.

4. This method will give you a shortcut with a long name and a generic icon. To change the name and the icon, do a right-click on the shortcut, and select Get Info.

5. Click the arrow beside Name & Extension, and enter a new name into the text box.Note that you’d have to to keep the .webloc extension in order for the shortcut to work.

6. If you don’t want to see the extension, open up Finder from the Apple Menu Bar, and click Preferences.

7. Then, choose Advanced in the pop-up window, and uncheck Show all filename extensions.

8. To change the shortcut icon, all you need to do is to search for Badger Maps’ logo in PNG (for a clean look). Then, right click the image that you want, and select Save Image As.

9. After that, open the saved photo using the Preview app, and select the whole image by left-clicking and dragging a box around the image.

10. Next, copy the image by hitting  the Command + C keys on your keyboard.

11. Then, click the icon at the top of the Get Info window you opened up earlier, and hit the Command + V keys to paste the image.

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