How to Check-In / Check In (iPad)

Check-in is one of Badger Maps’ main features and it’s available on all devices. This nice feature helps you keep track of your client visits by letting you log your meeting notes. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use this feature using the iPad app.

1. First, you’ll have to choose which account to check in to, and there are different ways to do this.

1-A. Tap on the account pin that you want to check in to on the map screen, then tap the account name at the bottom right part of the screen to open up the Account Details page.

1-B. On the Accounts panel, tap on the account that you’ll check in to to pull up the Account Details page.

1-C. On the Route panel, load a saved route, and select the account that you’d like to check in to. Then click Open on the Appointment Details screen to open the Account Details page.

1-D. During Route Mode, you can also save your check-in by clicking on the Check-in button beside Navigate.

2. Click on the check-in icon on the Account Details screen to start logging your check-in details.

Note: This step will be skipped if you will enter your check-in during Route Mode (Step 1-D).

3. Fill out the Check In form, and tap Save when you’re done.

Note: The meeting notes can be entered using your iPad’s keyboard or its Dictate Text function.

4. You’ll be automatically taken to the History tab after saving your check-in. Here, you’ll see all the check-ins you saved with the most recent on top.

5. If you need to make any changes, just tap on the entry, then hit Edit, update your check-in, and tap Save. Click the arrow back icon beside Account to go back to the Account Details screen, and you’ll see that the entry has been edited.

Note: Check-in only works on saved accounts, and not on Quick Stops and Places Results. Also, if you’re part of a team, the ability to edit a check-in may be disabled.

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