How to Add/Create a Follow-up Date

We have just recently released a new core or primary field called Follow-up Date. This feature allows you to add a date for your next visit. It also comes along with the "Days Until Follow-Up" filter which gets automatically updated under Visualize once you started adding Follow-Up Dates to your accounts. Here are some easy steps to follow on how this works. 

1. Go to the Accounts menu of the web app. Click on any account to pull up the Account Details panel. You will find the Follow-up Date field below the Last check-in field.

2. Click on the Follow-up Date field, select your preferred date, then Save.

3. Once saved, it should look something like this.

4. The Days Until Follow-up field will appear under the Visualize tab, both under Colorize and Filter. This gets updated automatically as you continuously add follow-up dates.

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