What if I Can't Download Badger Maps? (iPad)

1.If your phone is not allowing you to download the Badger app, you may not have enough space on your device. Badger takes up very little storage, but if your memory is already full, your device will prevent you from downloading Badger.

2. Check your usage in Settings, then Storage & iCloud Usage.


 Then Manage storage. This will show you what apps take up the most data in your iPad.


3. A lot of memory goes to Messages. By deleting unnecessary messages, you can clear up valuable space.

4. A lot of memory tends to be stored in Safari or other browsers, which can be alleviated by clearing the history and deleting the latest sites.

The real space clearer is found by going to Setting > Safari and clicking Clear History and Website Data to clean up your Safari memory.

5. If you have several apps that you do not use, you can delete those and save yourself a lot of space.

6. You can save space if you turn off your Photo Stream. Go to Setting > Photos and Camera. Move the My Photo Stream toggle to the left. It should turn gray.


If you want your most recent images to float across all your devices, you can turn on your My Photo Stream while you have WiFi. If you have WiFi available for several minutes, your pictures will still be able to go up to the cloud.

7. Delete the Notes you do not need.

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