Can I Change the Duration of my Meeting Time and When They Start? (WebApp)

Changing the duration of meeting time with your customer can be done easily.  You can also change the time each of them start. Follow the step below -

Log into your Badger Maps account using the browser of your choice.


Click on Routes on the left hand side panel and choose current route.


This opens the different places under the current route along with the start time and duration spent with each client.


Click on the digital clock located on the left most end of your client's name and set it to suit your preferred start time. Click Set.


To set duration spent with each of your clients, click on the timer located of the right hand side of your client's name. Set the time. Don't forget to click set.


NOTE: Altering the time spent with each client automatically alters the start time of the subsequent clients in the current route.

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