Abstract: L’Oréal scales efficiency with growth by using Badger Maps to drive more sales. Training time for new Field Sales Reps reduces by 50%, data collection increases by 14% and over 1500 market market research reports are generated monthly.

Scaling Efficiency and Growth

L’Oréal is the biggest personal care brand in the world. The company has earned over $25 billion worldwide and continues to grow rapidly. Reaching such a massive scale presents its own challenges:  maintaining vision, team efficiency, and customer satisfaction along with growth.

Kellie Glenister manages a team of 120 sales reps for L’Oréal. Her job is to keep the company motto, “One team, one dream,” alive and well. Staying connected at every level gives L’Oréal the momentum it needs to dominate the market.

That momentum starts with the sales team. Keeping field operations connected to the rest of the company is essential. They are the direct link between the customer and the company and the first ones to see demand in the market. 

Increased communication is the backbone of a good business strategy. Every level of operations, from sales representatives to executives, benefits from a greater understanding of operations. L’Oréal’s tremendous growth proves the results operations can bring.

Onboarding & Retention

A new sales rep takes an average of 1 year to become fully trained. That year is spent learning the territory, clientele, and sales practices needed for success in the field. In the time it takes a rep to get up to speed, they’ve already lost confidence and a large percentage of their expected ROI.

That’s a long period where turnover is a strong possibility. It costs an average of $115,000 to replace a sales rep. As you can see, a new hire is a valuable investment that needs to be protected.

That makes employee retention an essential strategy for growth. This strategy becomes more difficult to implement as scale increases.L’Oréal solves this problem by using Badger during the onboarding process. Prior to Badger, L’Oréal reps took 12 months to reach full productivity, which is in line with industry standards. L’Oréal reps who used Badger as a training tool reached full productivity in 6 months – which cut training time in half.

Kellie is an advocate for how quickly reps learn with Badger. Badger has increased profits and improved employee retention in a competitive industry. Kellietrains each new rep herself because of how strategically important onboarding is to the organization.  Every day she trains about 2 reps.


“Badger handles 90% of the logistics for new sales reps, they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister

Director of Sales Operations, L’Oréal

Communication & Strategy

There are 3 key areas that impact retention of new reps. Kellie uses Badger to treat these trouble areas while she’s training new reps.

1. Preparation

Preparation is the most important part of the day for a sales rep. You need to know who you’re seeing, why, and how you’re getting there. Badger visualizes the entire day, making preparation for each interaction effortless.

2. Relationships

A sale doesn’t happen without a relationship in place first. A new rep in an unfamiliar territory must manage customer relationships without any history. Badger’s CRM function allows reps to learn about customer information quickly. Reps can access past orders, preferences, and other important information directly through Badger Maps.

3. Territory Management

One of the biggest hurdles that new reps face is navigating their new territory. A majority of their early driving time is spent getting accustomed to unfamiliar routes. Badger provides in-app GPS and customer visualization so that reps always know the lay of the land. Badger’s interface is engaging even for reps that aren’t comfortable with technology. This is important for L’Oréal because the data reps collect is essential. 


“We save hundreds of hours on research each month by using Badger to generate leads and enrich data.”

Kellie Glenister

Director of Sales Operations, L’Oréal

Communication & Strategy

Data Enrichment

L’Oréal considers Badger a valuable research tool. Badger enriches data by allowing reps to enter and update it in the app. Sales reps that enter order volumes every month are mapping out market demand. The complete field data can map out yearly projections and qualify leads.

Applying Badger as a data tool has a cyclical benefit for sales reps. A strong focus on market research ensures that each sales cycle is better than the last.Badger generates data more easily as well. Leads are found and visualized instantly. The sales team is able to take immediate action and provide that insight to the research team.

L’Oréal saw a 14% average increase in data collection within 2 months of adopting Badger Maps as their mobile CRM. “We save hundreds of hours on research each month by using Badger to generate leads and enrich data.


“Badger is my collective intelligence tool, it keeps the entire team on the same page.”

Kellie Glenister

Director of Sales Operations, L’Oréal


Staying connected to rest of the team motivates reps in the field. It makes their efforts understood and easily communicates their victories. L’Oréal uses Badger as a tool to keep their team focused and up-to-speed. Being as efficient as possible in the market results in measurable growth company wide.

Maintaining connection from your sales team to your top executives is one of the most important thing you can do for strategy. Badger allows that strategy to be streamlined and expanded.

Every order, sale, and customer request is shared with the rest of the team daily. Accounts, leads, and routes are assigned back to the reps in turn. L’Oréal dominates an incredibly competitive industry. There’s a distinct strategy that fuels L’Oréal’s success: a deep understanding of competition. 

L’Oréal reps check-in more than 1500 times a month. Those reports are the core of the L’Oréal field strategy.


“Badger does 90% of the logistics of a new sales rep’s job for them, so they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister


Territory Organization

The field team can visualize competition and unclaimed territory with Badger’s “Places” feature. L’Oréal makes it a point to map out every competitor so that their team is operating as strategically as possible.

Organizing your team’s data is the most efficient way for them to take advantage of it. Reps become more strategic when they have clear objectives. The benefits impact the entire organization.


L’Oréal has experienced improvements in onboarding, data enrichment, and market strategy with Badger Maps:

  • Reduced training time by 50%
  • Increased data collection by 14% in 2 months
  • Generated more than 1500 market research reports per month

Utilizing Badger to it’s fullest potential makes companies more competitive in the field. Mapping, routing, and data visualization have become essential aspects of L’Oréal’s market strategy.

Failure to grow can wreck a company’s results. If you aren’t ready for the expansion of your customer base, sales team, and vision, you’ll lose all three. L’Oréal harnesses the power of all three with Badger Maps.

L’Oréal’s commitment to its employees and customers fuels it’s 25 billion dollar growth engine. Badger provides a connection between the two that leverages scale and delivers measurable results.


Sales Reps using Badger sell at least 22% more and drive 20% fewer miles.

See the potential return on investment you can get by using Badger Maps with your field sales team.

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