Executive Summary

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is a market leader in providing financial protection benefits for businesses.

Sales manager Derrick Green used Badger Maps to create a streamlined sales process that increased his agents productivity by 40% while eliminating wasteful prep time.

With Badger, Colonial Life was able to overcome one of their biggest challenges - eliminating unproductive prep time for the sales team.

Colonial Life uses Badger to:

  • Train new agents 75% faster
  • Find 50% more opportunities
  • Improve productivity by 40%
  • Increase revenue over previous year by 100%

Colonial Life’s sales team now has an organized process to generate leads, visit clients, schedule follow-ups, and track their activity - all in the Badger app.

Learn more about how Derrick trained his reps 75% faster (podcast interview)

About Colonial Life

Colonial Life sells disability, accident, life, critical illness, hospital confinement and cancer insurance coverage to employees. They support more than 85,000 businesses, representing more than 3.5 million of America’s workers and their families.

Derrick Green, a Sales Manager at Colonial Life, is responsible for recruiting, training and developing the sales team in the Tulsa market. Derrick manages a team of 12 independent agents.

Steve and Colonial Life
Steve Benson, Badger's CEO, meeting Derrick Green and the Colonial Life team in Tulsa, Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, people like to know who they're buying from. Colonial Life’s sales team spends most of their time in the field, meeting with business owners and HR professionals.

Derrick's office is a young branch of Colonial Life with a growing team. They hire often, and a large percentage of their new agents are millennials coming into their first sales role. They haven't had time to hone the skills needed to organize and manage a territory.

Derrick noticed the holes in the company’s sales process before anyone else. There was no system in-place connecting his agents to their territory.

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This was forcing his agents to work during “red time”---the hours before 8 am or after 5 pm-- to prepare for their upcoming appointments. They couldn't plan their time in the field geographically, forcing them to be reactive instead of proactive. 

Some reps used programs like Streets and Trips to organize their daily routes, but it wasn't helping them connect their meeting activity with the clients they were visiting. Agents were missing follow-ups, and deals were slipping through the cracks.

Disorganization was slowing the team down. Colonial Life needed a solution for every part of their sales process. Something that would not only “provide stats and metrics back to the managers, but one that actually helps the sales team.”

With all of the time his reps were investing into their territory, Derrick needed a CRM that would help their process without hurting productivity in the field. 

He spent two months looking for mapping software that could double as a CRM. After testing multiple solutions, Colonial Life chose Badger Maps.


"We needed a system that not only provides stats and metrics for managers, but one that actually helps our reps. Badger is a visual mapping software that can be used as a CRM at the same time, it's invaluable for everyone out in the field."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

How Colonial Life Uses Badger

Onboarding & Training

Derrick was spending a lot of time onboarding and training new agents. It would take days to bring his reps up-to-speed on their territory and Colonial Life's sales process.

With Badger, it takes 15 minutes to teach new agents how to organize and manage their pipeline. Badger automates the unproductive and administrative aspects of onboarding, and gives new hires instant visual insight into their territory.

Lead Generation & Qualification

Colonial Life starts each week strong, generating leads with Badger's Places tool for the sales team to qualify. Derrick targets specific industries that have proven to be a great fit, a strategy that has paid dividends for his business.

The team spends Monday qualifying leads and scheduling appointments. With Badger, agents can see the locations of their prospects while they qualify them. This allows the agents to keep other appointments and follow-up opportunities in mind while they schedule meetings and plan their week.

Territory Management

The agents are in the field the rest of the week. Territory management is difficult, reps make hundreds of choices every day that determine how successful they'll be - and the right answers aren't always obvious. Staying on top of existing deals while chasing new ones can be overwhelming.

Badger helps the team cut through the noise and focus on the best ROI for their time. The agents visualize their accounts by priority, pipeline status, next step, and days since last visit to see exactly how they should be spending their day.

As they meet clients, the agents update the next visit field for each account. This filters the account off the map until it needs to be seen again. Removing accounts from the map highlights progress and motivates the agents  makes the map progressively cleaner, highlighting progress in a adding a pleasant feeling of accomplishment to the process of account management. Being able to color and filter their territory has given the team a level of clarity they didn't have access to before. As they visit accounts the team updates


Managing an outside sales team can feel like you're making decisions blindly. Without insight into the activity in a territory, there's no way of knowing what your agents need to improve on.

Derrick uses check-in reports to collect the details he needs to coach his team. His agents make a check-in through Badger after every meeting. Each check-in is stored in an account's history, so there's always a record of conversation.

He pulls a 90 day check-in report for the team every 45 days, ensuring nothing slips through the crack. This allows Derrick to see the deals that are going well, and the ones that need assistance. Using Badger to help manage his team helps Derrick make better decisions and save sales that would have otherwise been lost.


Badger Maps benefits both management and the sales team at Colonial Life. Derrick’s reps can now easily and efficiently structure their time, and he has a management tool that provides the information he needs to keep his team on track.

Colonial Life uses Badger to...

Train Reps 75% Faster

Now, onboarding new agents on Colonial Life's sales process only takes 1 hour. Training agents on their individual territories only takes 15 minutes.

Derrick Green no longer spends days training reps and getting them up to speed on their individual territories. New reps quickly become accustomed to their territory with Badger’s visualize, routing, and scheduling features and are able to start selling faster than ever.

Find & Close 50% More Opportunities


"Badger has been able to almost entirely eliminate unproductive prep time for my agents."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

Badger allows the sales team to generate and close 50% more opportunities than they would have otherwise been able to find.

Incorporating Badger into their lead generation process has given management the ability to target high ROI leads strategically, and given reps the ability to qualify and close them flexibly.

Improve Productivity by 40%

Integrating Badger into Colonial Life's sales process has improved productivity by 40% compared to before using Badger.

The team uses Badger to easily and efficiently structure their day. They find leads, organize sales data, schedule meetings, create and optimize routes, and track meeting activity - all in Badger. 

Reps are able to finish prep and admin work in minutes rather than hours, eliminating the need to work in their off hours or on the road.

Increase Revenue by 100% over Previous Year

Since using Badger, Derrick's team has increased revenue by 100% - outperforming some of the other larger, more established Colonial Life offices. 

Badger gives Colonial Life a complete solution for their business. Now the team spends less time planning and driving, and more time selling.


"Badger sets itself apart with the mapping capability, the ability to customize account detail pages, and set your system up just how you want it with its specific check-ins and so on."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum


Sales Reps using Badger sell at least 22% more and drive 20% fewer miles.

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