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Sales Force Effectiveness

Time. You either make the most of it or you waste it and that all comes down to how you manage it. Planning route is a time consuming job, one that can take precious time away from your sales reps but it is an important job. Being able to organize your visits and customers properly has a direct effect on productivity but the time it takes to do it can negate any of that effect.

To give a boost to sales force effectiveness, you need to consider Badger Maps. We are the only route mapping software that offers you the compete business solution, from incorporating your customer database into our software, right down to providing you with a fully optimized route map. The top features of Badger Maps, all designed to increase salesforce effectiveness, are:

  • The ability to see all your customers on one map
  • The ability to add customers to a route map
  • The ability to optimize that route map to save time and money
  • The ability to analyze customer data with our Colorize feature
  • The ability to create time and date stamped permanent records of your visits

Our mobile app makes life even easier, giving even more of a boost to sales force effectiveness, as we give you access to:

  • Live traffic data
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Accurate map data
  • Street level mapping
  • Interactive mapping

All in all, Badger Maps provides a high level boost to sales force effectiveness. Some of our customers are reporting that they are saving up to 20% in driving time each week and are managing to increase their visits by up to 25%. Not only saving you money but putting more in the bank with an increase in sales.

Don’t just take our word for it though; take us up on our offer of a free trial today and see just much your sales force effectiveness increases with Badger Maps on your side.

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