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Our different backgrounds enable us to identify risks, monitor compliance and anticipate challenges. We cover a broad set of skills: we work on everything from legal data analysis to financial management, human resources consulting and data protection compliance.

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A bright blue sky


What to expect?

Multidisciplinary Learning

The team is continuously exposed to different areas of the law and the business, challenging them to expand their knowledge and practical skills

A bright blue sky
A bright blue sky

Not Your Usual Legal Department

Forget about the suits, forget about one-way communication, we are a team and we play like it. We're not your usual legal department and that's what makes us unique

Inclusive culture

Not just words, but something we practice daily. Respect is integral to our team, every voice matters and every voice is heard

A bright blue sky

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Don’t see any open positions but are still interested in working for us? Send an email to recruiting with your resume and any questions you may have about working for us!


To ensure the well-being of our employees and candidates, all our recruitment processes are done virtually.
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