Software Engineering

Software development at Badger is an experience like no other. We are a growing team that values knowledge sharing and self-growth to all our members. We like to work on solving interesting challenges and we also like to take our time to learn!

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Where we're based:

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What to expect?

Continuous Learning


Invest 10% of your time (4 hours) of your week on whatever you want to learn & upskill

Book Club

Read a book related to coding, discuss & apply with the team for 1 hour a week

Engineering Guild

Openly discuss new approaches and improvements of our tech for 1 hour every week


2 hack weeks a year to develop whatever you want, plus Hack Projects to focus on developing something new

Tech Stack

US Tech Support Program

The opportunity to travel and work in our partner office in Salt Lake City (United States) where you get to collaborate with and provide value to our teams based there

A bright blue sky

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Don’t see any open positions but are still interested in working for us? Send an email to recruiting with your resume and any questions you may have about working for us!


To ensure the well-being of our employees and candidates, all our recruitment processes are done virtually.
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