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Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour
Announcing Badger's 1st Meet-Up Tour What drives you to succeed? Badger's mission has always been to help outside sales reps become more successful.  Before starting Badger, our CEO Steve was an outside sales rep for Google,  He was the top performing sales rep for two years in a row. His sales performance would skyrocket when he took the time to efficiently plan his day, but the last thing a salesperson has is spare time. There was nothing built to handle the specific challenges of outside sales. So Steve left Google to start Badger Maps, and help outside sales reps everywhere sell more in less time....
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From Sales Rep to CEO (Podcast Recap)
From Sales Rep to CEO (Podcast Recap) Steve Benson, Badger's CEO, sat down with Brian Burns, host of "The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling" podcast to discuss his journey from outside sales rep to CEO. What's your sales backround? I started at IBM and went through a year long sales training program. They partnered new reps with grizzled veterans for a year, so you could see how the professionals operate. It was a great experience. I feel like every new sales rep should get that kind of guidance because it's a daunting career, especially at the beginning. I mostly sold b2b services with IBM. My....
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Focus on the Moment (Podcast Recap)
Focus on the Moment (Podcast Recap) Full podcast available here The IA Path is a podcast dedicated to Insurance Adjusters. Our CEO Steve Benson had the chance to sit down with the host of the IA Path, Chris Stanley, to discuss his start as an adjuster and the value Badger creates for the industry. Why should an adjuster/salesperson use your product over something free? We're built on top of a free product, but Badger was created with the professional in mind. People who need to manage accounts or claims in an area can do so much more easily with Badger than with Google Maps alone....
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How to Beat Your Q4 Quota (Webinar Recap)
Badger Map's CEO, Steve Benson, joined Ringcental's Director of Sales Operations, Bill Dolby, in a webinar with KnowledgeTree. KnowledgeTree's Vice President of Marketing, Peter Mollins, asked the two sales veterans - "How do you beat your Q4 quota?"

Hitting your sales quota, especially at the end of the year, is the biggest challenge in sales. Knowledgetree's webinar digs deep to discover the best ways to reach quota at the end of the year. Here's a recap of the best ways to sell more in Q4: Close Existing Deals Closing the deals currently in the pipeline is your fastest path to....
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How to Enable A Mobile CRM Solution for Microsoft Dynamics
How to Enable A Mobile CRM Solution for Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft recently released Dynamics 365, a "smart" suite of business applications that enhance the Dynamics CRM. Dynamics is already a groundbreaking CRM. It's extremely flexible and delivers accurate data no matter how complex your business processes are. With this new AI functionality, dynamics will learn and optimize around your data - including the work schedules of your employees. Investing in Dynamics has obvious benefits, but does your sales team see them? It can be difficult to make a sales team use any CRM. Dynamics, despite it's great functionality, is no exception. Your CRM connects the entire company to your....
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