New Feature: Radius Tool + Other Updates
A long-awaited feature is finally here and we’re very excited to announce the Radius tool! Many of our users have been requesting this feature so that they can easily search for a group of accounts based on a point on their map. With the Radius tool, you can now draw a circle around any point on your map with a defined radius. This will making creating routes and updating territories easier than ever before! You can find the Radius tool under the new “Tools” section in the left sidebar. Lasso will also now be under this section for easy access....
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How to Leverage Online Reviews as a Field Sales Professional
When planning what restaurant to take your significant other to or where to celebrate your birthday, what do you do first? You look up online reviews. Online customer reviews are the lifeblood of modern consumer’s purchasing decisions. So it only makes sense that field sales professionals should do more than take note of online reviews but leverage them when talking to prospects. First, let’s understand exactly why online reviews are so important and how they impact your business. Why are online reviews important? Ninety-five percent of people read online reviews before making a purchase. I personally can’t remember a time....
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7 Most Common Mistakes Made in Sales Pitches
Once upon a time, sales reps could get by using the same sales pitch on all prospects, no matter who they were and what industry they worked in. However, this practice is long forgotten in the era of personalization and customized approaches. Anyone utilizing the old approach will quickly realize that it doesn’t work anymore. But, the new process of pitching to clients leaves plenty of room for mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes salespeople often make and tips on how to avoid them: 1. Trying to accomplish too much on the first meeting Revealing too much information on....
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6 Secrets To Becoming a Sales Superstar
6 Secrets To Becoming a Sales Superstar 1. Getting Yourself In The Right Headspace To give a great demo, the mindset you should have is that you are not selling - you're communicating value to your prospect or customer about a product that you really believe in. You know that your product is going to help them and make their lives better. Your demo will go a lot better and come across much more authentically if you approach it from that mindset. Imagine yourself going on the best vacation in the world. Maybe it was a trip to Hawaii, and you want to tell your friend how....
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How to Win Over Decision Makers at Hospitals
The job of a medical device salesperson is not an easy one. The products you sell are complex, you cover large territories and sales cycles can take forever due to elusive decision makers. Your job also requires always being up-to-date with the newest technological advances and maintaining deep knowledge of healthcare legislation. Hospitals are usually your main buyers. They’re also large, complex organizations where buying decisions involve several people in different roles, like physicians, financial analysts, or administrators. Interdepartmental decision-making helps hospitals save time and money in the long run. In the past, your job was to convince just the....
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