3 Ways to Live a Stress-Free Sales Lifestyle
As you plop down in your cubicle you’re greeted with a week-old stack of potential leads. You have a meeting in 30 minutes to discuss the leads that you have yet to go over. You break into the pile of leads without even a sip of your first cup of coffee all the while ignoring voicemails that you know are urgent. The rest of your day consists of more coffee, dozens of phone calls, and maybe a visit with a client or two before you go home and prepare to do it all over again the next day. Sound about....
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Training Tuesday: "I'll Think About It..." The Best Response To Overcome This Sales Objection
Training Tuesday: "I'll Think About It..." The Best Response To Overcome This Sales Objection Hermann Ebbinghaus, a renowned psychologist, is famous for a study he conducted on memory. He found out that within 24 hours most people will forget 75% of what you've told them. This gets worse: within 30 days they forget 90% of what you told them and, of the remaining 10%, they recall, half of it is inaccurate. So, when you're following up with a prospect to close a deal, after a month, they've forgotten almost everything that you said in your presentation. On the other hand, when is their memory at almost 100%? Right at the end of your presentation....
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Introducing Check-in Reports for Better Sales Insights
Introducing Check-in Reports for Better Sales Insights We are excited to introduce the new and improved Check-in features under the “Reports” tab. Check-ins are a great way to keep track of valuable information about your customer interactions. The new Check-in Reports enable you to view trends quickly without having to download check-in data or do any extra work. Note: You can still download a full excel check-in report to do any analysis you would like. How Sales Teams use Check-in Reports The new graphs are the “Check-in Chart” and the “Team Check-ins” chart and they display the number of check-ins of the team over a period of time....
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How Your Personal Happiness Affects Your Sales (And what you can do about it)
A career in sales can be simultaneously stressful and exciting. As the importance of the job increases, so do the difficulties. These days, prospects know exactly how to respond to sales tricks and are no longer afraid to consult the internet and research alternatives. While a lot of salespeople can handle the pressure, some crumble under it. If you don’t take care of your happiness, your sales success can take a hit. That’s why we researched the relationship between happiness and sales success. Is personal happiness actually important in your sales career?
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7 Ways to Stay Motivated in a Slump
7 Ways to Stay Motivated in a Slump If you’ve been in sales long enough, you’ve probably experienced a slump before.  Rookies will panic in a slump. They'll start doubting their ability to sell, and many will quit before they have a chance to see their sales rebound. Other salespeople tell themselves "It's just a slump!" and leave it at that. They trust that they will eventually have better luck at the table, but never do anything to actively turn their fortune around. The best salespeople roll up their sleeves the instant they realize they're in a slump. They understand that luck is something you determine yourself, and....
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