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Just-in-Time Sales Training: What It Is, Who Needs It, and Why

The phrase “just-in-time” is used quite frequently in sales, but the term is more than just a buzzword. It’s an increasingly popular sales training strategy in B2B sales that’s changing the way sales leaders coach and sales reps sell.

Read ahead to learn what ‘just-in-time’ means, why you need it, specific scenarios where it can drive change, and how to implement it in your organization.

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Sales Enablement: The Best Sales Collateral for Closing Deals

When contemplating sales enablement, many business leaders immediately think of training and coaching. In reality, however, a successful enablement initiative also requires effective use of technology and for salespeople to be provided with the right content at the right time, in order to carry out their role to the best of their ability.

Essentially, this means that your sales collateral – the materials you produce to assist your sales team – can go a long way towards deciding how successful your enablement strategy is. In this article, we explore the different types of collateral that empower reps and allow them to boost their sales performance.

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How Visual Lead Scoring Increases Sales

These days, the success of your sales department rests largely on your online marketing strategy. If your team has trouble hitting their numbers each quarter, a strong online marketing campaign will help reactivate inactive customers and convert new ones.


Lead scoring is one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your customer base. You can cater your marketing techniques to the client, whether you sell kid’s clothes  or high-end cigar accessories for distinguished businessmen. Lead scoring helps define a customer’s intent to buy using metrics such as page views, downloads, filling in pop up email forms, and more.

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Expert Interview: Why your Sales Team Needs a Sales Database


Q&A with Andrew Friedenthal, CRM Market Analyst for Software Advice:

Recently Andrew Friedenthal, CRM Analyst for the online reviews firm Software Advice, released a new report studying the ways in which a comprehensive sales force database can benefit your sales team and customers. We had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Friedenthal to learn more about what his research uncovered.

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10 Tools to Help You Discover & Engage With the Right Prospects

Do you struggle with prospecting for high-quality leads? Well you’re not alone as it can be extremely challenging. In fact, a majority of salespeople agree that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process  so there’s no surprise that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation. Although finding high-quality leads presents a challenge, there are many emerging technologies which are helping companies excel at prospecting.

If you didn’t already know, sales technology can give your sales team the boost they need to stay competitive. Even if you’re already using a CRM, supplementing your sales stack with additional tools can have a positive impact on your bottom line. In fact, high-growth sales teams typically have five solutions in their technology stack. In today’s ultra-competitive market it’s no surprise that top-performing sales teams leverage nearly 3x more sales tools than underperforming teams.

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The Most Important Sales Metric to Track

Customer engagement. Seems obvious, right? Salespeople and sales managers gain more insight from knowing how prospective customers are engaging, than they get from making outbound calls. For example, would you feel more confident with your pipeline if you knew you sent 500 emails or if you knew your 500 emails received 50 responses? You’d prefer to know that 25% of the presentations you sent out were actually opened instead of how many presentations are being sent.


While engagement data is valuable, it’s a challenging metric to track. Sales tools and customer relationship management systems (“CRM”) don’t always represent true customer engagement.

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Which Actions Should Sales Teams Take after Getting New Leads?


Every organization has a different sales team structure; some create a distinction between sales roles, others don’t. An organization with a well-defined structure will have a marketing team that generates leads. their sales development reps hone in on new sales opportunities and pass them on to inside or field sales reps to close deals.

For the purpose of this post, let’s consider a separation between sales roles.


Which Actions Should Sales Development Reps Take?

The article “The Key to Sales and Marketing Alignment: The Sales Development Rep” explains that SDRs fill one purpose: setting appointments with qualified leads for account executives.

Just because a lead downloads a white paper doesn’t mean he or she is a clear-cut customer. It’s up to the marketing team to judge if the lead is hot and send it to the sales team.

Depending on the size of the company and the resources used, the marketing team uses a lead scoring solution such as SalesWings website tracking and lead scoring or a marketing automation solution such as Marketo.

An SDR must nurture and contact qualified marketing leads at the right time.Following up with clients that are not hot leads robs time from a lead that could turn into a customer.  

The marketing team qualifies and passes leads to the SDR. It’s the SDR’s responsibility to do more research and follow up.

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The Ultimate Sales Training Guide

sales training person


Sales training has a direct connection to profit. How? Revenue is the primary measure of your company’s success. Your revenue is directly related to your sales. Your sales team performs as well as they’re trained. If you want to drive results for your reps, team, and company – sales training is the most important investment you’ll make.

Companies in the U.S. feel the same way. They spend $20 billion a year training their sales reps.

The problem is that sales training is a broad and complex topic. This guide is designed to be your complete sales training resource. Inside, you’ll find information on sales training types, programs, strategies, and more.

Proper sales training reinvigorates your team and revenue. Study this guide to make your investment sales training as valuable as possible.

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