Badger Maps CRM Integration Types

Badger Maps route planner enables a bi-directional, real-time integration with your CRM. Transform your current CRM into a mobile CRM solution to keep all of your data in sync on the go.

Advanced CRM Integration

Using Badger Maps’ Advanced CRM Integration, you can sync any of your CRM data - Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and more - to a custom Badger setup. Include the related CRM data, like activity logs or associated deals to make the setup complete. Everything that happens in the field is saved in the CRM automatically. If you’re looking to bring all of your important CRM data into the field, then our Advanced CRM integration is for you. 

CRM Integration

With Badger Maps’ CRM Integration, you can map your essential CRM data to Badger’s Accounts & Check-ins. Integrate one of your CRM objects, such as Accounts, Contacts, or Leads, with Badger’s Accounts. And one related CRM object, like an activity log, with Badger’s Check-ins. If you only need a few key pieces of your CRM data in the field, then this is the right fit for you. 

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