Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation Software

While it is vital that you maintain good relations with your existing customer base, it is also important that you continue to grow your business by chasing down new prospects. Not only can your sales staff dedicate time to visiting these new prospects, they can also visit them in the case of a customer cancellation thus filling in otherwise dead time with a potential new client. Badger Maps lead generation software is the answer to your prayers.

While Badger Maps is a route planner, it can also be used to generate new leads. I guess you might be wondering how you can use a route planner to do that, well here’s how:

  • Easily import your current CRM or customer spreadsheet into Badger Maps
  • This allows you to see all of your customers, each territory, on a single map, making it easy to see each location in relation to the next
  • Pick the area that your business is in, i.e. dental, medical, real estate, etc.
  • Run a search on all businesses in your chosen business area

You will be presented with a map showing every single business that you have opted to see in your business area, showing you their locations and, clicking on each one gives you more information about that business. You can see their opening hours and their contact details and, if you decide you want to target one, simply click to add it to your route map.

As a lead generation software, Badger Maps takes the boring and mundane job that used to take hours, if not days, and cuts it down to just a few minutes. Best of all, this isn’t just an office based task. Provided they use our mobile app with them, your reps can search out new leads on the road, potentially filling in dead time between visits or when a customer channels at the last minute.

See for yourself how Badger Maps lead generation software can help you today – sign up for our free trial and put it to the test.

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