sales rep map app

sales rep map app

Sales visits are important, whether they are to existing customers or to potential new ones. It is vital that your reps get there on time and have all the right information with them. When it comes to mapping out route, your reps probably have two options – use outdated and limiting automated software or map manually, juggling maps, calendars and customer lists. Neither way is efficient and both ways have huge potential for serious, costly errors. With Badger Maps sales rep map app, all those mistakes and all that wasted time is a thing of the past.

“Badger does 90% of the logistics of a new sales rep’s job for them, so they sell more efficiently much faster.”

Kellie Glenister


Badger Maps integrates your CRM, or your customer spreadsheet and that lets us put all your customers on the map for you. Your reps can easily see their sales territory at a glance, and using our built in tools and features, they can manage their territory much easier. With our sales rep map app, your reps can:

  • Use Colorize, a feature that lets you narrow your customers down to the one you want to see, using key metrics
  • Easily add customers to a visit list with a click of the mouse
  • Let Badger Maps optimize the route, making it more efficient and cutting driving time by up to 20% every single week
  • Easily push route maps to personal calendars - desktop and mobile

With our mobile sales rep map app, your reps can take advantage of the accuracy of Google Maps data, turn by turn driving directions and live traffic updates. Backtracking and getting stuck in traffic jams will quickly become a thing of the past and all that time saved can be translated into more visits, increasing the potential for more sales by up to 25% each week.

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