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Like most sales reps, you are probably tired of manually mapping your clients’ addresses and planning your sales route day in, day out. Going over your territory map and deciding on the best routes to take can become tedious and boring but still, you need to concentrate on these tasks lest you make mistakes. When you are a busy, highly motivated sales rep, there’s no room for mistakes like taking the wrong route, backtracking on yourself and wasting time and gas. Using the right mapping and routing tool can make a big difference in your daily routine. And here is where Badger Maps comes in.

Currently the leading sales call mapper on the market today, Badger Maps is your best choice in terms of versatility and efficiency. A mapping tool, route optimizer, and schedule manager all rolled into one, Badger Maps is highly interoperable and integrable. It works perfectly well with both PC and Mac, and can easily integrate with any existing CRM and personal calendars. With a high-quality interactive map and a load of innovative features, Badger Maps is the optimal choice for any sensible sale person. With Badger Maps, you can view your entire sales territory, analyze your client data, and keep your schedule organized in one location, easily and in just a matter of minutes. You can even customize your map and perform mass updates for large groups of accounts using the lasso tool, create a permanent client history after each visit you make with the check-in feature, and adjust accounts using key metrics with the colorization feature.

Feeling stressed from too much traffic? Download the Badger app on your smart phone or tablet and get access to Google Maps even while on the road. Badger Maps can provide you with live traffic updates and alternative routes to help you avoid traffic congested areas. It can also generate new leads for you to visit if you are on the lookout for more prospects. Just enter your target area and type of customer and Badger Maps will provide you with a list of prospective customers within that given area.

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