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Have you ever thought of using a map to do sales calling? It might be a new thing for you, but actually it is a fantastic method to plan your activities, call customers, engage leads, and close more deals. Having a visualization of your entire sales territory gives more structure to your sales calling process. That’s why if you really need a sales call map for field sales, it is a must that you choose the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the best CRM software that comes with territory intelligence capabilities. This means Badger gathers, stores, and manages your customers’ data and at the same time, use those data to help you navigate through your sales territory.

Badger Maps is the perfect business tool for sales calling. For one, you can use the Check-In feature of Badger to create time-stamped notes of all the calls you have made. Not only that, but Badger provides your needed information with just a few clicks. Badger also gathers customers’ data in one convenient map. With this setting, you can easily access your data for efficient sales calling.

Moreover, Badger also serves as a lead generator. By doing a quick search on your map, Badger gives you a fresh list of new leads. What’s more, Badger also collect phone numbers and other contact information of your potential clients so you can easily call them.

Obviously, Badger Maps is not just your sales call map for field sales. It also serves other purposes. Want to know more? You can by simply signing up for a free trial today.

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