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The more visits your reps can complete in a week, the better it is for you. Existing customers are kept happy and new ones are brought into the fold. But this can only be done after a lot of planning, a lot of time spent in getting together the customer information, planning out a good route and adding it all to your calendar. Badger Maps can cut the amount of time your reps spend in producing field sales maps significantly.

With Badger Maps software, we included a lot of neat features to make it work for you, to make it become your go-to customer management and map routing solution. We give you:

  • The ability to integrate your customer information into our software
  • The ability to see all your customers on one high-quality map
  • The ability to generate new leads easily
  • The ability to plan a route and optimize it in minutes
  • The ability to push your route to your calendar

We also provide you with a mobile companion app that gives your reps access to turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates, street level mapping, and interactive mapping, making each day more like a bed of roses than a bed of nails.  And, when it comes to generating field sales maps, Badger is the number one software, with exclusive and unique features like:

  • Colorize – see your customers and manage them in innovative ways, using key metric data and built-in filters
  • Check-In – a truly unique feature that allows your reps to create a permanent history of every visit, time and date stamped and to produce weekly reports of all their visits
  • Lasso – another unique feature that allows you to set your own field sales map by drawing a ring around the customers you want to visit and letting Badger produce an optimized route plan

These and other features are what makes Badger Maps the only software you will ever need for professional customer management and for producing optimized field sales maps. Try Badger Maps today for free and see how much time you can save.

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