Field Sales Map

Field Sales Map

Field sales are what keeps your business going and, obviously the more you can make in a week, the better it is for the company. Sadly, there is one thing that stands in the way – route mapping. How much time can you honestly estimate as being lost each day, with staff trying to map out the optimal route between each of their visits? If they don’t use any kind of software, then it’s going to be a fair chunk of time and even with route map, often you can only plan one or two routes at a time.

Badger Maps can provide you with an optimize field sales map, drawn up to save driving time and allow your reps to get to more people in a much shorter time. That not only save you money on gas and vehicle wear and tear, it can actually increase your sale potential and that is music to the ears of any business owner. To produce your field sales map, Badger Maps:

"Before Badger Maps, I spent 2-3 hours a week planning my schedule. But now I have a couple anchor meetings for a trip and then I just fill in the rest with Badger as I go."

J. Lynn Isaacs

Sales Rep, Zoll

  • Gives you the ability to import your customer database
  • Lets you see all your customers on a map instead of having to rummage through files
  • Lets you add a customer to a route map just by clicking on the one you want
  • Optimizes the route map using Google Maps data, giving you a more efficient route map between all of your daily visits
  • Allows you to push the route map to your calendar
  • Gives you the option of using our mobile app which, in turn, provides live traffic updates and turn by turn driving directions as well as a fully interactive map

Our software not only provides you with an accurate field sales map, it also makes it easy for you to keep records using our unique feature, Check-In. This allows you to create time and date stamped records of every visit, and lets you sync that information with your CRM records, saving you from having to double up on work, updating your databases back in the office.

Drawing up an accurate field sales map with Badger is easy allowing you to schedule your day efficiently and professionally. If you want more proof, let us show you how Badger Maps works for you with our free 7-day, no obligation trial

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