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Using a field sales application for engineers plays a vital role in increasing your income and finding new leads. There is no doubt that traveling from one client to another can be tedious and time-consuming. Thus, it is only natural to properly plan your commute to maximize your time, energy, and money. However, this process can also be cumbersome especially if you have a lot of customers to handle.

There is one powerful and effective solution for this problem. More and more field sales agents are now using Badger Maps to optimize their routes.

The engineering industry can be competitive. Badger Maps serves as an innovative field sales application that helps businesses rise about the competition.

So how exactly does Badger Maps accomplish this? By getting all the names and addresses of your clients, Badger Maps can show you their exact location on a map. This helps you to instantly visualize and get an idea where your clients are located. This allows you to plan your travel for the day efficiently.

Using Badger Maps is easy. You can assign specific colors to your clients based on the filters you use. The Lasso Tool enables you to draw shapes around your customers to determine the best route between them or highlight their information for editing. The live traffic updates are useful as well to avoid traffic jams.

These are just some of the useful features of Badger Maps and there are a lot more to discuss. To know more about Badger Maps, sign up for a free and no-obligation trial today!

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