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Mapping out routes is a thankless task but a necessary one for every sales rep or delivery driver in the country. Without a good route map, they have no hope of being able to get to their customers on time but there are so many obstacles in the way. Manual mapping in time consuming and mistakes will be made. Even if you use automated software, there is a chance that it will only allow you to map one address at a time whereas your drivers need multiple locations. Badger Maps was designed just for you and we are happy to present to you our field sales address mapper.

Badger Maps does more than just give you a route map – after all, you could get one of those anywhere. What Badger Maps does is takes your customer spreadsheet or CRM and brings it into our map software, giving you a snapshot of where all your customers are located on one easy to read map. From there, you can easily choose which customers you want to visit and add them to a route map for the day just by clicking on them. Or you can use Colorize, our neat tool that lets you use key metrics and filters to narrow down your customers to the ones you need to see.

Badger will optimize your route to give you the shortest driving directions between customers and allowing your reps to cover more of their sales territory in a much shorter timescale. With Badger Map field sale address mapper, you can wave goodbye to hours of unproductive time spent poring over maps and trying to work out the best route – we do it all for you.

Sign up for a free 7-day trial of Badger Maps today and see how easy it is to use our field sales address mapper and how much time you can save each week.

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