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Finding the perfect routing and mapping software for your outside sales team need not be difficult. When you compare sales map apps, you just have to ask yourself these questions: How efficient is it? Will it work well with your CRM? And lastly, what other features does it have to offer? Your route optimization tool should have all these requirements and more.

Badger Maps is designed to help your sales team manage their routes more quickly and efficiently, providing them with the best possible routes by accessing their calendars and client lists. No longer will they spend hours mapping and planning their routes manually and then driving around unfamiliar roads to find their clients’ locations. Your outside sales team will lessen their driving time by 20 %, and with all the time they will be saving by optimizing their routes, they can increase their sales by 25%.

Being a CRM (customer relationship manager), route optimizer, and route planner all rolled into one, Badger Maps not only integrates well with your sales team’s CRM but also has enough functionality to serve as their main one. It also has a check-in feature that creates time-stamped reports on their Badger account whenever they visit a customer. It automatically generates a weekly report on all the accounts they have visited during the week.

Had a sudden client cancellation? Been assigned to a new area? Badger Maps can also generate new leads for your sales reps to visit by simply inputting their target area and clientele, as well as providing the quickest routes to reach their potential customers. Instead of spending an hour or more a day finding routes or being stuck in traffic, your team can save time by downloading the Badger Map mobile app to get access to live traffic updates from Google. It can even provide them with alternative routes if needed.

So what are you waiting for? Not only does Badger Maps have all the requirements of a perfect outside sales map app, we also offer a free, no obligation trial.

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