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Did you know that you can use a route mapper to increase your productivity, sales, and income instantly? As a field sales rep, you are intimately aware of the amount of time spent in planning your route and traveling from one customer to another. If you are not careful, you can waste time, energy, and money without the right route mapper.

Badger Maps is the best route mapper in the market today. It is an innovative and powerful all-in-one solution that serves as a route optimization, lead generation, and CRM app.

Just integrate your CRM or upload an Excel spreadsheet to Badger and you are ready to go. Badger automatically obtains your customers’ information such as names and addresses and plots them on Google Maps. Having done this, you instantly gain an idea of where your clients’ whereabouts. On top of that, Badger suggests the quickest route to take and provides turn by turn directions and live traffic updates.

There are different built-in features in Badger that makes it easier to use. For example, the Lasso Tool helps you draw shapes around your different accounts to highlight them on the map. After that, you can either choose to identify the shortest distances between them or mass-update their details.

The Check-in feature enables you to create time-stamped notes to document your activities in every visit. Use the colorization tool to assign a color to your accounts and determine their priority level.

Give your business an edge over your competitors by using Badger Maps. Sign up for a free 7-day trial today!

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