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As a hardworking and responsible outside sales rep, you are aware of the importance of using a journey routing program. Without proper route planning, it is so easy to waste time, energy, and fuel. Traveling from one customer to another brings different problems that can only be solved with the right route mapping software.

Badger Maps is the best journey routing software today. Packed with powerful and innovative features, Badger Maps is the #1 sales routing app in the Apple App Store. Users reported of closing more deals by 25% and 20% decrease in their travel time.

So how does Badger Maps work? When you add your customers’ name and addresses, Badger quickly plots them on a map. With these new data, you see who is nearest you, the location of your customers, and the best route to get to them. All these allow you to plan your trip carefully for the day. Avoid traffic jams with the live traffic updates of Badger and learn more about your sales territory by using Badger’s vivid satellite images.

Badger Maps also makes it super easy to manage your customers. Quickly add and remove a client from your list. Sort them in an alphabetical order or according to priority. When you click a customer from your list, Badger instantly shows you their current location, phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information you have gathered.

Here's something that you will love about Badger Maps: it allows you to find new customers on your map. How does this work? Go to the Places tab, specify the type of customers you are looking for and hit the search button. Badger then combs through your sales territory and gives you a fresh list of new clients.

Return to your map and see the exact location of your potential customers. Click on their map icons and obtain relevant information such as business names, hours of operation, photos, reviews, websites, and contact details. Use these pieces of information to engage your potential customers and convert them into sales.

Another feature of Badger is its CRM integration. If you already have a CRM, Badger allows you a full integration and quickly see all your data on your map. For some users, they have seen an increase in their CRM utilization ever since using Badger Maps. Now, if you don’t have a CRM, Badger has enough functionalities to serve as one.

Integrate your calendar app to Badger to see your schedule on your map. You may either add your schedule from your calendar app or create new appointments straight from your map. With Badger and your calendar working together, it would be easier to stay on top of your schedule.

Use Badger Maps not just through your desktop computers, but also through your laptop and mobile devices. Bring Badger anywhere you go and use it anytime you want. No doubt, Badger is your best travel companion.

Sign up for a free trial today and see why Badger Maps is the best journey routing software. You will never know how Badger can grow your business until you give it a try.

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