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Everyone whose work involves traveling from one customer location to another needs to know the best routes to take in order to reach their destination in the quickest possible way. Whether you are a salesperson, a housecleaner, a property inspector, or any other traveling professional, careful route planning is extremely important to save time and resources.

Badger Maps route mapping software is designed to make route planning easier and faster. With access to your customer database, it allows you to view all your customers’ locations in one map, manage all your customer data, and map out all your routes in a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks or taps. It also optimizes your routes; significantly shortening your travel time and helping you avoid backtracking yourself. In fact, most Badger users have seen a significant decrease in their driving time by as much as 20%. This is equivalent to about eight hours every week. As a result of having more time in your hand, you get to see more customers within the day, leading to closing more deals by as high as 25%.

Badger Maps also integrates easily with your daily planner, automatically organizing your schedule for the day. It helps you keep track of priority accounts so you can plan your day around them while providing the best routes to reach them. You may also connect your calendar app to Badger Maps and see all your schedule systematically displayed on your map. Of course, you can also create new appointments straight from your map. Having your calendar app and Badger working together allows you to stay on top of your schedule.

Another feature of Badger is the Lasso tool. It allows you to customize your map and perform mass updates. The Check-in feature lets you create a permanent history after each customer visit you make. At the end of the week, Badger sends you reports to help you evaluate your progress throughout the past few days. Not only that, but you can submit these reports to your team leader or manager in case you work in a group.

Badger Maps can be used on both PCs and Macs. You can also download the app on your Apple or Android tablet or smartphone. With its mobile functionality, it can access Google maps and generate new leads for you to visit, as well as provide live traffic updates and turn-by-turn driving directions. It can even provide you with alternative routes so you can avoid traffic jams. Since you can bring Badger anywhere you go and use it anytime you want, you can make it your ultimate travel companion. With just a few clicks, you can obtain your needed information. No need to dig through your spreadsheet or notebook.

So why waste your time manually planning and mapping out your route every single day, when you can just use Badger Maps to get the best routes with ease and spend your extra time visiting and selling to more customers? Get the Badger route mapping software now and consistently take the best routes.

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