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Best Route Finder

Best Route Finder

As a field salesperson, one of the frustrating parts of the job can be wasting time and energy while trying to plan your day. Fortunately, Badger Maps is a comprehensive routing software that helps you map out the most efficient route between all of your customers and new leads. It’s no wonder why Badger Maps was ranked the #1 sales route planner of 2016 in the App store. Badger makes route-planning easy by cutting out redundant tasks and combining a variety of tools into a single app.

Badger optimizes your route using Google Maps technology and live traffic data. On top of creating an efficient route, Badger also offers planning tools that transform your route into schedule to guide you throughout your day.

Save time and avoid redundant data entry by using Badger’s lasso tool. The lasso tool allows users to instantly select multiple customer locations and add them to a new route.

Visualize your data on a map to see where your most important accounts are concentrated. Badger’s filter and colorize tools provides customizable map views to help you understand your customer data and develop your sales strategy.

Apart from routing your existing customers, Badger gives you the power to add nearby leads to your route. Discover new leads that best fit your industry through the lead generation tool. Then, you can easily add these to your route or turn a lead into a new customer account.

What are you waiting for? Simplify your day and close more deals with the best route finder. Sign up for a free trial of Badger Maps today!

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